2022 October 15: Jamboree On The Air


Movie This camera is on a tripod and simply recorded the operation. Not very creative. Stu Parkinson's video is considerably more interesting.

YOUTUBE: Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA) 2022. Troop 1 video. Produced by Stu Parkinson. 3:24 length.

We participate in JOTA or Jamboree On The Air at Hyrum State Park, Hyrum, Utah on Saturday, October 15, 2022.


I arrived at Hyrum State Park around 3 p.m. Set out the radios and batteries. Set up the 20 meter stainless steel vertical telescoping rod antenna. I have it in two pieces; the antenna bracket is fastened to a copper grounding rod and the telescoping part stays in its box until needed.

Bring out the heavy AGM batteries and the heavy Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium power pack. I used the AGM battery to initially charge the capacitor to prevent damage to the Goal Zero since hooking up a discharged capacitor (of that capacity) would look like a short circuit. The stupid AGM batteries don't care, what's a little spark among friends? But the Goal Zero won't like it.

Plug the charged capacitor to the input side of the MFJ booster, then plug the Goal Zero to the input side using Anderson powerpole to Anderson powerpole cable. Output side goes to the Icom 7300 radio. Connect the 25 foot (if I remember right) antenna cable to the radio. Lay out the logging notepad and Radio merit badge booklet and we are ready to work.

I tuned around until I heard a "CQ Jamboree"

This was coming from station W4IRQ north of Seattle on 14.263 MHz Upper Sideband. Time about 2220 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time also known as Greenwich Mean Time) or 4:20 pm MDT. We had about 20 minutes conversation with Ian and Oliver of Troop 1 taking turns talking to Tegan or Tigan in Washington. That's all the Scouts on hand for this time of day.

Around 6 p.m. MDT some Scouts showed up to make supper, have a camp fire, and talk on the radio. I changed antennas for evening work on 40 meters. This is a tall, lightweight fiberglass sectional telescoping mast with a relatively fine wire (20 gauge insulated) dangling from the top. Three strings (Mason's line) provided guying. I used a "fidget spinner" with the bearings removed since it has a hole in the middle for the mast, and three holes around it for the guy strings.

Activity on 40 meters was sparse and I was unable to find or induce (by calling CQ jamboree) any Scouting related activity. However, at around 7:25 pm (0125 UTC) on 7.192 MHz, made contact with N7UXA who lives in the southwest portion of Logan on Mendon road. He's an old scouter and talked in turns to several Scouts of Troop 1 describing his own Scouting experiences.

Later in the evening around 9 pm activity started picking up on 40 meters but I did not hear any scouts, and back east they've gone to bed anyway, so we started cleaning up the site (Lake 26) and taking down antenna and equipment.