Movies of 2019 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention


August 8, 9, 10 at Weber State University

Photography by Michael Gordon using Nikon D850 and Nikon D800 cameras.

Highlights, DX University and Day 1 (9 August) . Brief excerpts of many of the presentations, regretably not all of the presentations as there were so many to choose from and one of me! 12 minutes 55 sec. 1.5 gigabytes, downloadable or streamable.

Highlights, Day 2 (10 August) . Brief excerpts of some presentations with a bit of emphasis on the guest speaker Dr. Bob Heil of . 18 minutes 5 sec. 2 gigabytes, downloadable or streamable.

Dr. Bob Heil's luncheon speech (10 August) . Dr. Bob Heil of gives an oral history and experience in radio and audio. 48 minutes. To make it fit the 2 gigabyte file limit of this webserver I export it as 720x480 pixels, 5 megabit/sec stream. I used a Zoom H4N portable recorder attached to the microphone mixer to record the audio, a little bit of cable scratchy near the beginning but it resolves fairly quickly. The camera only goes for 30 minutes at a time and must be restarted so there's a couple of short breaks in the video. The audio which I will post soon has the complete speech, 52 minutes.

ARRL Forum (9 August 2019). Chief Executive of ARRL, Howard Michel; Director of Rocky Mountain Division Jeff Ryan K0RM, Vice Director Robert Wareham N0ESQ; Section Managers of Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah: Richard Breininger N1TEK, Bill Mader K8TE and Mel Parkes NM7P answered audience questions. Topics include Parity Act compelling HOA's to allow antennas and bringing Amateur Radio to young people. 58 minutes 44 Sec. 720x480, 4 megabits/sec stream.