Camp Doug Fife

Directions from Logan, Utah:

Leave Logan on 200 North street, go west across the valley then over the hills.

When you cross Bear River, you will go up out of the riverbed and come to an intersection. Turn right (North).

Go about 1/2 mile north then follow the main road as it turns right at a church, route 81.

Follow this road east a bit, then it turns north.

When you come to the stop sign, you are in beautiful downtown Fielding -- to your left on the other side of the street is a school.

Turn right (east). Go about a mile. The road becomes dirt, follow it as it bends to the left (north) at the edge of the river valley.

After about 1/4 mile or so, you come to a right turn. A small dirt road continues north, you don't want that one. A larger dirt road turns right and goes down into the canyon. You want this one.

Partway down into the canyon, you cross a canal. It has a road that runs along the bank or dike; don't go on the dike roads, but go down into the canyon. The road turns left; follows the canyon for about 3/4 mile or so. The lodge is on your right. Picture of the lodge is at the top for your familiarization.

This is a quickie web page put together by Michael Gordon, a Troop Committee Chairman