Privacy Policy:


Photographs made during official Boy Scouts of America events.

No personal informtion is collected as a consequence of a visit to this site.

What information does this site collect?

The web server logs all connections and the logs rotate weekly with four weeks back. The type of information available is (1) your computer's IP address and the browser identification such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Nothing is done with this information although it is sometimes useful when diagnosing a problem.

How does This Site use the information it collects?

The anonymous information collected is used to monitor the usage of this Web site and for diagnostic purposes.

With whom does Old Ephraim share the information that is collected?

The server logs are visible only to the administrator.

How does This Site maintain the information it collects?

The server logs are automatically purged (removed) on a schedule. It provides approximately 30 days of visit information.

How does This Site comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998?

This Site does not use its Web site to collect any personally identifiable information from anyone.